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Chef John`s Mission
Ever Since the early days in his fathers bakery John knew that cooking would be his life. He loves all aspects of creating great food and so devoted his life to learning all the methods and techniques that he possibly could.
For many years John traveled to learn alongside the best Chefs he could find. John was on a mission to gain all their Skills. Since 2006 Chef John realized his ultimate purpose was to share this information with the world,  John has been living his dream since then. Chef John is not just teaching recipes he is teaching cooking metgods and life skills. Skills that can be used everyday. Give someone a meal and their belly will be filled for today. Give them the knowledge and they eat well every day.


Chef John Gargone has extensive experience as a show guest, performing for many events, his talents are varied, Executive Chef, Chef Garde Manger, Artist, Sculptor, Show Host and a published Author. John is very personable and very people friendly he is currently seeking air time for his own television show and sponcers to showcase the skills and techniques he has aquired from over a hundred certified chefs. The techniques are as easily understood as they are excuted. Food Art was created for the average home cook and the most experienced Chef. The methods are cost and time effective

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Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934



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