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Our cooking class cookbook teaches time saving methods to produce the comfort foods that we all love so much. Chef Gargones favorite American, French Italian and Spanish comfort dishes that can be easily prepared. The cooking methods are outlined in detail. Best Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sauces, Entrees and desserts. It’s all about the methods!

Over 300 Chefs favorite recipes that you can prepare at home. In all recipes you can find every ingredients in any large Department or Grocery store.

No exotic hard to find products. Well Over 200 of Chef Gargones personal recipes




Hors d œuvrés

Cold Canapés

Soup du jour

Specialty Salads

Favorite Dressings



Grillin & Chillin

American Comfort

Italian Comfort


French Comfort

Mother Sauces

Spanish Comfort

Art of Starch

Vegetables A-peeling

Easy as Pie

Piece of Cake

Sweet Treats

All of the recipes are very flavorful and well balanced and have been developed to appeal to the general population in the USA. They are no extra flashy ingredients and every ingredient is important to the overall flavor. We understand each person has their own personal taste or dietary requirements. You may need to substitute one ingredient for another like using different herbs, fats, dairy products or omitting sodium. Always follow the methods and of course Taste, Taste and taste again while you are preparing and you will always have a great tasting meal

·         Add your own Recipes to notes box.

·         Bullets are also your shopping list

·         All methods are interchangeable with products

·         To measure flour just scoop up lightly and level off.

·         Season to your taste. You are the Chef!








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Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934



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