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Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy
Culinary Entertainment.

Serving Williamsburg Virginia and surrounding areas.

Culinary Entertainment
Chef John Gargone, formally the Resident Chef Instructor of Kitchen Kitchen (A unique Culinary store in Southern California) is available to cook and entertain your guests while preparing a three to six course mealin the comfort of your own home.
Chef John just loves to cook while teaching and entertaining. Explaining and demonstrating in detail the methods he has learned from over a 1000 Chefs and food service personnel.
You will see the real world of cooking. No preparation is done in advance. Cook and Chop! Participate or party it up. Watch as everything is made from scratch. As one course is served the second is prepared right there in front of your guests in minutes.
All you have to do is relax and enjoy the show. we take care of everything from set up to clean up.

  Cooking Club

Start your own Gourmet Cooking Club In the comfort of your home. Do you have a group of friends that just love great food while having a good time. Full participation or sit back and enjoy the cooking show. Call us and we can help you set up an event that will be remembered! We will come out to your home, plan the menu with you. Purchase all the products. Prepare the food, and demonstrate all the steps in detail to create your night of Gourmet food. Then after the food is served, we clean up our mess and leave you to enjoy the meal and relax.Only a 8 guest minimum. Many menus to choose from three to six course meals. Printed recipes and menus and Knife skills instructions are included.

 Book your event early.




All the traditional Favorites. Spanish, Mexican, French, Italian and American traditional favorites prepared in the classic manner. Like Rock and Roll the classics never die. There is a reason why the classics are still popular, The Flavors! Novella, Eclectic and modern cuisines do have there place. Classic comfort foods are supreme and if prepared correctly, the flavors will bring you back to a simpler time, touch your heart and evoke feelings of contentment and fulfillment and bring your guests back when quality flavors were more important than the quantity of unusual ingredients that can be put in a dish. So many people have tasted a rendition of classical food but have never even tasted a traditional chicken parmesan. the way it was meant to be prepared. All of our foods could make you cry in rememberance of the past. Weather it was your mothers cooking, Grandma or Great Grandmothers cooking. The classics should always remaine the same regardless who is preparing the meal.  Classics are very difficult to master and requires a great amount of experience and finesse. For many chefs it is so much fun to prepare unusual dishes, but when was the last time someone cried in delight over those flavors. . Just recently we prepared a birthday dinner for a 98 year old Italian retired professor from New York. When he tasted the seafood risotto he began to cry stating it tasted like his mothers in Italy. then all of his children began to cry because their Father was so touched. Their father later said that he has not had this flavor in over 70 years and it immediately brought him back home to Italy. Great food smells and flavors last forever. A day, week month or even a year after our event you will remember what you tasted and will never want to settle for less.

 Book your event early.



Special Occasions; Anniversaries, birthday parties to any social gathering. Your guests will enjoy a unique experience. More than just a caterer Our Chef will prepare and demonstrate his tasty treats. Come into the kitchen and participate, ask questions while you party. You can count on each event to be fun, fulfilling and unique. Make it your excuse to have a party or to get together with a loved one, friends, family, or colleagues.


Romantic Dinner for Two; Impress your special guest with a Chef inspired romantic dinner for two. Served and prepared in your own home or catered to a mountain top. Couples can help prepare their meal together. Can’t boil water? No worries, our Chef is very patient and will guide you through the cooking process or relax and enjoy your company while our chef prepares and serves each course to you and your loved one.


Dinner and a Show; Party it up! Our Chef is very personable and just loves to cook great food ala minute while explaining ever detail and then some. Ask any question that pertains to food. Chef John is compelled to teach. Sharing his knowledge and skills and personal recipes are his passion. Get involved and you may find a new passion about great food.


Entertainment that will keep your guests captivated throughout the meal. John has performed for hundreds of events and cooking classes throughout Riverside County, Desert Cities and the USA As you and your guests are enjoying the first course, the next course is be prepared ala minute before your eyes, Chef John Gargone is listed in Ripley’s Believe it or Not for slicing 36 even slices of cucumber in 7.51 seconds while blindfolded.


Backyard Barbecue that will keep them coming back for more. Juicy baby back ribs, pulled pork that is so tender. All the traditionals and a few unique grilling specialities. All you need is the grill. We can supply all of the favorite picnic side dishes that are guaranteed to please your guests.


Our motto is to always exceed Guests expectations.

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Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934



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