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Food Art Cooking Show


Instructional and Entertaining

A unique form of reality cooking TV

A new concept in Teaching for all to understand.


Cook and Serve- As one course is tasted the next is being prepared.

Guests are asking spontaneous questions.  (Keeping it real)

No cooking is done in advance and very little prep or mis en place.

Products are pulled from fridge and dry storage as needed.

Cooking like a home cook with professional methods.

All Menus are set up to highlight methods. (See attached menus)

All products are common and easily found in your local market.

 In a Home style kitchen – wrap around counter to seat 6 to 10 (Please see attached photo)


Show Categories Headings

Chefs Table dinners and how to build a well-balanced menu

American Comfort food and Holiday cooking

French Comfort Food

Italian Comfort Food

Tex-Mex and Tamales workshop

Grillin and Chillin- Marinades vs Rubs

Pastabilities class is all about fast and tasty traditional Italian dishes.

All About French Sauces

Classical Soups made in 30 minutes

Basic Knife Skills, A unique four step system
Advanced Knife Skills, Specialty Cuts

Party Hors d oeuvres Canapés for beginners

Filo Hors d oeuvre and how to cross ingredients

You too can make Sushi workshop

Country Club Salads

Best Traditional Salad Dressings

Sliced Fruit Displays & Easy Melon Centerpieces

Melon carving methods

Masterpiece in Cheese

Deli Art Buffet- How to Display

Plate and Platter Garnishing

Vegetable flower carving

Piece of Cake Decorating

Easy and Elegant Deserts

Easy as pie

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Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934


Contact Chef Gargone at 540-641-1934



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